Karen Alversado

221Lazy boy turned lazy man named Anjiel John Jarapa he is a classmate of mine during high school (grade10) in the Philippines. Currently, He’s studying at CEU Makati taking up I.T.. Anjiel and I we’re not that close during our High School days. The fact that His first impression to me was “snob/mataray”. Believe it or not He bullied me. (HAHA! kiddin’ I never experience bullying.). But He really don’t like when I’m around and goofing around him. I thought because I always making fun of Him. But I’m wrong it’s because of the girl he’s courting those days (actually a deeper reason but let’s make peace)


We’re in a different circle of friends before. I can’t even remember how we became that close all I remember is we spend a lot of time being silly, eating (We love food so yeah! we spend a lot of money…

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