Dell(s dell) may have more than one serious suitor come Monday. After weeks of rumblings, the Blackstone Group and investor activist Carl Icahn are preparing their own rival bids to the Michael-Dell-and-Silver-Lake-Partner $24.4 billion buyout offer, according to reports on Saturday. There has been grumbling since that proposition was made public that Dell is worth more than the $13.65 per share that Mr. Dell et al. are offering. And now some potential purchasers are presumably ready to put money where their mouths are.

Dell sweepstakes gets more interesting

Bloomberg News, which has been on top of this story from the get-go, now reports that the Blackstone Group made a tentative offer for Dell late Friday, in time for the midnight deadline. The Wall Street Journal subsequently posted that activist investor Icahn, who has a 6 percent stake in the PC-and-server maker,  is likewise making a bid. Both Blackstone and Icahn

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