At some point every guitarist has uttered the following statement: how the [censored] did he play that? Riffstation ($49.99), simply put, is a program that helps you learn how the [censored] he played it.

The core of Riffstation is a component that lets you load an audio file, and have it scan for chords it finds in the song. Currently it’s limited to Major, Minor and 7th chords. You can then play the audio file within Riffstation and it will show you when the chord changes occur. It’s important to note that currently it only handles detecting chords, so if you want it to score an Yngwie Malmsteen solo, you’re out of luck.

crump-riffstation-1Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 8.31.45 AM

Trial by fire: How it handled four songs

I gave it a mix of songs, most of them I already knew, to see how it fared.

Rockin’ in the Free World, Neil Young: This is a pretty…

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