What a boss tune.  Listened to it about 20 times on Friday.   Last year, i remember bickering with my wife (who has loved this band for a couple of years) about how they weren’t any good….but my mind has changed.

from the album “Langsom Dans”

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knit the hell out

m rib hatIntroducing Evoke, a unisex ribbed hat in handspun yarn. I loved the way this yarn looked knitted in this rib pattern so much. The yarn is Pretty Southern handspun in Movement. The ribbing works well to highlight the texture of the handspun, and the constant color changes of the yarn keep the ribbed pattern interesting.

m rib hat-7The pattern takes about 160 yards of yarn. This could work well with a heavy fingering yarn or sport weight yarn. The ribbing accommodates head sizes from about 20″-24″.

m rib hat-6The ribbed pattern isn’t tight against the head, so it won’t mess up your excellent hair if you take it off indoors. But if you’re like me, sometimes you just need the hat to cover up some slightly unsightly hair, so it can comfortably live on your head all day long if you like that too.

m rib hat-3If you feel like whipping one up, the pattern…

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No educational technology or teaching method has been embraced faster or more widely than so-called Massively Open, Online Courses (or MOOCs for short). For the uninitiated, these are online-only college courses where typically top tier professors teach audiences that in some cases number in the hundreds of thousands. This used to be considered a fad and a misguided approach to instruction, but it’s now rapidly going mainstream.

The state of California – a big player in establishing educational standards that are often adopted across the nation – is moving to approve legislation that will require colleges in that state to honor and give credit for faculty-approved MOOCs taken by their students.

Remember when Steve Jobs said 3D simulations on the NeXT computer would revolutionize education?  That vision helped him break free of Apple. It led to the evolution of what is now known as Mac OSX and it is directly responsible for…

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